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Improve your nighttime visibility, keep your family safe, and improve the resell value of your car with the best headlight restoration in Jacksonville FL – the Headlight Doctor. If your headlights are dingy, foggy or scratched, don’t worry that you will have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace them. The Headlight Doctor will have your headlights working like new and ready to hit the road again in about 60 minutes.


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Paul Manfra started the Headlight Doctor company in Jacksonville FL in 2000. He thought there had to be an affordable solution to restoring foggy, dingy headlights instead of just replacing them. After several years of trial and error, Paul came up with the liquid plastic that is the cornerstone of the Headlight Doctor process. Because of the liquid plastic, we can offer the longest warranty in the business – five years! And if you aren’t satisfied, we will refund your money.

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